New parenthood is a bit of a whirlwind, so many changes and so many things to learn about! Don't worry, I can help in lots of different ways and I have worked with many, many parents - including those with twins and triplets. I know exactly what sleep deprivation is like, and why you are so worried about that strange thing he does! I offer three different services to expectant parents and those with babies under 12 weeks old, you can find all the details here.

Newborn Routine, help with sleep and feeding

I don't offer sleep coaching packages for tiny babies, your little one may not be ready to sleep through the night yet so that sort of program wouldn't be appropriate. Instead I can help you to structure your baby's care, guiding them towards a consistent routine (if that's what you want) with good sleep and feeding habits. This will help your baby to sleep through the night spontaneously when they are ready, and to get the food and rest they need in the meantime. I can often help parents to reduce colic and most babies are generally happier and more content. I also have lots of experience working with babies who have reflux, multiples and those born prematurely so if you are in that situation I would be more than happy to hear from you. As a breastfeeding councillor I can support you whatever your feeding choices are, I have helped mums to breastfeed exclusively, to combine breast and bottle or who choose formula from the start.

The newborn package costs £100 and is available worldwide. When you book you will get a form to fill in and I also ask you to keep a diary for a few days. Don't worry, it's really very straightforward and shouldn't take you too long - I know how difficult it is to find the time.

Once you have sent me the information I will analyse your answers and come up with a "first draft" of a plan for your family. We will then book a 30 minute consultation via phone or Skype, where we can discuss the plan and go over any concerns you have. After the call I will send you a write up, detailing your plan and giving lots of information for you to follow. Many parents are pleasantly surprised by just how detailed, comprehensive and personalised the write up is, and how much more capable and confident they feel as they move forward.

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Parentcraft and babycare classes

Before your baby arrives, or soon afterwards, I can come to you and show you how to care for them. Many parents have told me that birth preparation classes were useful, but that they wish they had spent as much time learning what to do afterwards! In a private class I can show you exactly what you need to know. If you don't plan to breastfeed we don't need to spend hours on that, perhaps you would prefer to look at washable nappies or discuss sleep. We can even look at the equipment you have and how to use it! Everything is tailored to your needs and at the end of the session you will feel much more confident, safe in the knowledge that you know what your little one needs and how to make sure they get it. Currently these classes are available in Suffolk and Essex and may incur a travel charge, but look out for the online version coming soon! Contact me here to discuss your needs and book a session, or to go onto the list for information about the online course click here.

Just a Chat

If you would like a chat I am very happy to talk via Skype or phone, I can reassure you or give you more information and support. This is great as a stand alone if you want to ask a few questions, or can be used to add a follow up call after any other package. Your call lasts 45 minutes and costs £50, you can book in a few clicks here: