Thursday, 2 June 2016

Best Ever Dribble Bib

My little man has been dribbling like crazy recently so when I heard about brand new business Lyddi Grace Designs I thought I would try them out!

Of course you can use an ordinary bib but they tend to look a bit out of place if it isn't a mealtime, and look babyish on a toddler. Plus they usually cover much more of the chest than is really necessary and often aren't absorbent enough. Typical dribble bibs are a bandana style in bright colours which look much better and are more absorbent but tend to gather up in lots of folds under the baby's chin, which I always think looks uncomfortable.

The Lyddi Grace dribble bib is a bandana type shape but designed to lie flat instead of gathering under the baby's chin. It also comes in a whole range of gorgeous patterns and colours, and a choice of two different backing fabrics.

Ours arrived this morning and I'm really impressed with it. The cotton fabric is nice and sturdy and the fleece backing is beautifully soft against baby's skin as well as providing a water resistant layer. It fits nicely, fastening with poppers that allow for two different sizes and will last better than a velcro fastening would. It certainly seems comfortable and did it's job well, even after a lot of dribbly bubble blowing the top underneath stayed dry.

Lydia hand makes all her bibs beautifully and is really helpful too, so I'm so pleased to be able to support her and recommend her lie flat bibs wholeheartedly. I'm sure I'll be buying more!

(PS This is not a sponsored post, in fact they don't even know I'm writing it. Just an honest review which I hope you find useful.)