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The Ultimate Newborn Shopping List for Confident Mamas

Shopping for your baby can be great fun, all those cute little outfits to choose from! But it can also be really confusing. How do you know what you actually need? What if you forget something vital or waste a lot of money on things that you don't use, or even something that turns out to be dangerous?

I have spent years working with many, many families and have used all sorts of equipment, learning by long experience what was never used and what was invaluable. As I specialised in work with newborns my clients started to ask me what I thought they needed to buy, and so I created my Ultimate Newborn Shopping List for Confident Mamas. Revised and refined over the years, this isn't something thrown together with a moment's thought. It's a comprehensive list that explains each item, features to look for and suggested brands. I even used it to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything when I had my own baby!

 Previously the list was only available to my VIP clients, but I am now offering it to you as a free download.

The shopping list includes:
  • An emergency shopping list to tide you through if baby arrives unexpectedly
  • Things you need for sleep
  • Stocking the bathroom
  • Equipping yourself for nappy changes
  • Getting out and about
  • Preparing for feeding
  • Clothes
  • Getting ready for playtime
  • Extras you might like to splash out on
  • Things to avoid 
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