Easy Family Food

If you are like most of the Mums I know you want your children to eat good, healthy, home cooked food either all the time or at least most of the time. You know it's good for them, and cheaper too, so it just makes sense to avoid pre-packaged meals as much as you can. You have an image of yourself whipping up comforting shepherd's pies or pasta bakes after school, blitzing puree for the baby and effortlessly making sure everybody gets their 5 a day.

Then reality hits! You have no energy after the school run, can only think of three recipes, burn the toast, manage to use every saucepan you own and the baby throws the puree at the cat. Some days things just don't go your way! Even if you love cooking and are great in the kitchen you could use some help, and if you aren't a great cook then you need this course even more!

Easy Family Food is for you if you:
Struggle to find time to cook
End up cooking the same things over and over
Need to free up some time to spend with your family instead of slaving over a hot stove
Scratch your head over writing a shopping list
Aren't sure how to create a balanced diet
Have a kitchen full of gadgets you never use
Get confused by complicated recipes
Waste food that sits in the fridge until it's gone off
Hate seeing your children refuse to eat meals you have spent ages cooking
Want easier and quicker cleanup
Want to feed your family healthy and delicious meals, easily

Why am I the person to teach you this? I have spent most of my career cooking from scratch for families of all shapes and sizes. I've used agas and modern ovens, cooked for one baby or for four or five children, dealt with allergies and special diets, got fussy eaters to eat their greens (and yellows, and reds!). I've filled freezers, cooked for the whole family while looking after baby triplets and taught one year old twins to bake. When it comes to cooking for a family I've done it all! Not only that, several of my past clients have asked me to give them cooking lessons.

By the end of this course you will:
Understand the basis of a healthy diet
Have a choice of two different menu planning techniques at your fingertips
Discover four "hands off" cooking methods
Create hands off menu plans in no time, using foods your family loves
Write shopping lists quickly and easily
Have a plan B in place for the days everything goes wrong
Know how to handle fussy eating

If you are ready to change the way you cook, make your life easier and mealtimes less stressful, then now is the perfect time. Easy Family Food is a ten day course with videos, printables, worksheets, challenges and recipes delivered direct to your inbox and a private facebook group where you can share recipes and tips with me and other mums. If you sign up now you will get all this for the special introductory price, after all you deserve a thank you for being in at the start!

Yes Please!

Ready to sign up? Then just click the button today and you will only pay the introductory price of £20, saving £10 on the usual price! See you soon.